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New website for Langside Badminton League

We are delighted to launch our new website for the Langside Badminton League, found at

We are keen to help Badminton Scotland promote the sport of badminton within the south side of Glasgow, supporting the league to continue to be a sustainable source of competitive badminton in the area. 

We have been increasing our presence on social media (FacebookTwitter and Instagram) to promote the league, its clubs and matches, and also been using our League Republic site to report match results. 

What we didn’t have was a ‘one stop shop’ for information about who we are and what we’re about, so if someone was interested to find out more or to join a club in the league for competitive matches, they could go somewhere to have a look.

We have had a number of messages on the social media pages and emails over the last few months of people looking to get involved, but have had no idea where to start – and we’ve had nowhere to send them to!

Our new website will take care of that.

Along with helping potential new members learn a bit about us and how to get involved, it will also help team captains in our clubs to forward on dates for any upcoming matches. Each club has a page on the site that team captains and club members can look to see all games that are scheduled and coming up, or results from league and cup matches:

When we are able to run our annual tournament, Thornlee, again, participants will be able to easily register their places by visiting

We’ve been working really closely with Badminton Scotland to try to help other clubs do well and encourage participation. So we also have a new contact email address – so people can easily get in touch and ask about our league.

Feedback is very welcome on the site, as are suggestions on what else we can do to promote the league and support badminton in the south side of Glasgow and across Scotland.

Our new website