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The Battle of Langside: Anniversary Tournament

At the beginning of each season, Langside Badminton League runs the ‘Battle of Langside’, a mixed-team tournament to celebrate the league’s anniversary (originally founded on 27 August 1932). The ‘Battle’ is a Ryder Cup-style tournament at the Sir Craig Reedie (Cockburn) Centre. open to all registered players in the Langside League.

All those who register to play will be split in to two equal teams – the Langside Reds and the Langside Blues – who will then compete against each other to win the Langside Cup. The event includes singles, doubles and mixed matches with points up for grabs to contribute to their team’s total to win the cup. You will only play against opponents to a similar standard as yourself to ensure all games are equal, competitive, but most importantly, fun!

The Battle of Langside 2024

The next event will be held in August/September 2024. Further information will be confirmed in early 2024.

Photos from our 90th anniversary event in 2022