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Thornlee 2024

Thornlee 2024 was held on Saturday 11 May and Sunday 12 May 2024 at BADMINTONscotland’s Sir Craig Reedie (Cockburn) Badminton Centre in Glasgow.

Six events took place at the event:

Full resilts for the tournament were published on Tournament Software


More information about Thornlee

The Thornlee Badminton Tournament is our end of season tournament, run in accordance with the rules of Badminton Scotland. The event takes place every year in May, providing an individual competitive badminton tournament for club members in the Langside Badminton League. 

Only participating members of Langside League clubs can participate in Thornlee. A list of registered players in Langside can be found here.

Events start in a group format and then, depending on the size of groups, will be followed by knock-out formats for successful players in both main draw championships and consolation events. 

You can view results from 2019, 2023 and 2024 on Tournament Software.

Photos from Thornlee 2024

More photos can be found on our Facebook page.

The Thornlee Trophy

In 1973, The Thornlee Trophy, presented by Orchardhill Badminton Club, was introduced to award the overall best performing club at the Thornlee tournament. Players represent their clubs across events, earning points that go towards the total for their club. Points are awarded as follows:

  • Champion: 6 points
  • Runner-up: 5 points
  • Semi Finalist: 4 points
  • Quarter finalist: 3 points
  • Consolation winner: 2 points
  • Consolation runner-up: 1 point

Singles players are awarded the full points, whereas doubles pairings split the points between them.

We also recognise the MVPs (Most Valueable Players) of the tournament – competitors who earned the most points for their club towards the Thornlee Trophy.