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Progression pathway

The Langside League is committed to supporting Badminton Scotland’s progression pathway for clubs across Scotland. We provide opportunities for all levels of player to play badminton in the southside of Glasgow and beyond. This progression pathway helps our clubs to remain a vibrant source of community badminton, encouraging healthy membership at all levels.

Although the league specifically caters for the ages 18+, Orchardhill Badminton Club also provide a junior section. There are limited spaces available so early interest is advised.

Whatever your level of play, you will be able to find opportunities to play sociably or competitively across our clubs.

Club level (Beginners)

Our clubs provide opportunities for people with the basic skills of playing badminton to get sociable games with players at a similar level. 

This includes beginners or players who have picked up a racket for the first time after several years of not playing.

Whatever your level of play, contact one of our clubs to get involved.